Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If it's Good Enough for a Synchro Swimmer: Review of Tarte's Aqualillies Eye and Cheek Palette


I picked up this little guy at Sephora during my shopping excursion with my mom on Saturday.  I initially was looking at Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blushes and was trying to decide on which color I wanted when I saw this palette.  First off, a little background.  Tarte teamed up with the Aqualillies synchronized swim team to develop this line of limited edition items.  Since the swimmers are in the pool all day, they needed something that was long lasting and waterproof.  To all of us non-synchro folk, this translates to "it will stay on when it's hot as hell and sweaty in the summertime."  Sounds good to me!

I really like the compact that this comes in -- it's just really fun and has a vintage-y feel.  It also has a big mirror on the inside cover if you need it.  Also, to give you a little perspective, the whole compact costs $38.00 at Sephora.  That may seem a little hefty.  HOWEVER, one Tarte blush by itself costs $26 for .2 0z of product.  This palette has .23 oz of blush along with a highlighter, bronzer and six eyeshadows.  All for $12 more.  Not too shabby if you ask me. 

The other thing that makes the palette worth the price is the quality of the product.  When I first used the bronzer, I quickly realized that it is super pigmented and a little goes a long way.  Same goes for the eyeshadows (the poolside color aka the blueish one is not as bright as it is in the compact, however I consider that a good thing).  You don't need much to get a really pretty look.  I will say that the blush is really subtle on my skin .  It's really good for a nice glowy/day look but if your looking for something with a little more pizzaz, you may want to use a brighter color (you could also use this as a base because it has great lasting power). 

Also -- the highlighter needs it's own little shout out.  I love it and think it's the perfect amount of shimmer without looking like a 13 year old who put on makeup for the first time.

All in all I can't say enough good things about this palette.  The colors are so beautiful and wearable and it is just such a nice quality.  The Tarte brand in general touts itself as being a natural brand, which I am beginning to appreciate more and more in my products. 

Have you found any stand out products for summer? 

Here are the colors in the palette:

Blush: Captivating
Highlighter: Champagne
Bronzer: Park Ave Princess
Eye Shadows from Left: Hammock, Bikini, Barefoot, Parasol, Sundeck and Poolside

Monday, April 29, 2013

What to Wear: Weekend Brunching


My weekend consisted of hanging out with family and seeing some friends on Sunday for my friend, C's birthday.  To celebrate, we went out and had some awesome Sunday brunch.  Since there were going to be some girls there that I had not met before and we were celebrating an occasion, I felt like I should look at least half way decent (do you ever do that?  feel like you need to look nicer when you'll be with people you haven't met before?).
I purchased this top from Forever 21 the day before while at the Mall of America with my mom.  I just thought it had really pretty details and would be nice and cool in the summer.  I must say, next time I wear it I wont wear a ribbed tank underneath.  To be honest, I was running just a titch late and didn't have time to go rummaging around for another one.  But, overall, I think it was a solid purchase for under $15 bucks. 
What did you do this weekend?  Any fun purchases? 
Top:  Forever 21 (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 (exact)
Pants: American Eagle (similar)
Shoes: Target (similar)

Friday, April 26, 2013

My Weekend Recipe

I'm going to take a little different turn here today and share a fun weekend breakfast recipe.  To paint a little picture for ya -- I was making this for dinner one night maybe a month or so ago (basically just making it up as I went along).  This was also shortly after I had started my blog so I thought to myself "Hey, I'm going to be all social media savvy and throw a picture up on Twitter."  Yes, I'm super cool. 

Then, as any good Twitterer (Tweeter? Meh, whatever) would do, I tagged Annie's in my tweet.  If you don't know, Annie's is an awesome brand that uses natural and organic ingredients in their products.  A short time later, the keeper of the Annie's Twitter account replied asking if they could feature the recipe on their website.  Naturally, I said hell yeah of course!  Some people in my life don't think I can cook so now I say to them BAM!  I have a published (ish) recipe, do you? 

Anyway, here it is!  It's super easy and delicous.  Exactly how I like my recipes.

Link to recipe on Annie's site: http://www.annies.com/recipes/recipe/bunny-graham-french-toast

Bunny Graham French Toast

Makes about 6 pieces of french toast

  • 1 loaf of french bread
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 C milk
  • 1 tsp. (or to taste) of cinnamon
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • 1/2 C Annie's Bunny Grahams
In a bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, cinnamon and vanilla. Then, crush the Bunny Grahams and place onto a large plate. Take a slice of bread, soak in the egg mixture then cover in the crushed Bunny Grahams. Place on a greased skillet and cook until golden brown.

Also -- check out Annie's website for some more great, easy recipes! http://www.annies.com/

What are some of your favorite weekend recipes?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Prime Time

Prime Time
Since the introduction of BB Creams (the drugstore ones are crap by the way, don't waste your money) I feel like primers haven't really gotten a lot of love.  Some people have said they use their BB Cream as a sort of primer but in my opinion, they don't even compare (I've tried the Maybelline and Cover Girl BB Creams...and did not like either one.  I ordered an actual Korean BB Cream that got rave reviews so I'll let you know about that one after I try it). 
Long story short, I still love a good primer.  It makes your foundation look nice and even as well as keeping it that way throughout the day.  I've tried a few different primers and have had a pretty decent experience with each one. 
First up is the Makeup Forever HD Microperfecting Primer.  Sorry, it's not pictured but I'm writing up this sucker at work (sshhh) and don't have a readily available pic and apparently Polyvore doesn't have a picture of it that I can use.  Whatever.  Anyway, this is actually the primer I wore for my wedding.  It's decent in general.  I definitely didn't dislike it, however now that I've tried a few others, I wouldn't buy it again.  It just didn't seem to make enough of a difference for its $30+ price tag.
Second is That Gal Primer by Benefit.  I liked this one because it is a brightening primer and therefore...brightens your complexion.  CRAZY!  However, since it is very pink-ish I'm not sure how well people with yellow/olive undertones would like this.  Also, it is the worst deal coming in at about $30 for only .37 oz of product (compared to MUF and Smashbox's 1 oz). 
Oh Smashbox.  I actually hadn't tried this primer until the other day.  In my Sephora 500 point gift bag, I got a sample of this sucker.  I had heard people say that they really liked it, but didn't think it could be that different from the others.  Well, it is.  You can tell the second it touches your skin.  It feels almost like a light super fine powder when you rub it between your hands...but it's a liquid.  MIND BLOWN!  It also holds up really well.
Last but not least, and stay with me here people, is Monistat's Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I know it sounds weird but hear me out.  It has the same key ingredients as the Smashbox primer and is also a gel to powder finish.  I totally forgot about this little guy but when I was cleaning out my makeup storage I re-discovered it.  Now that I've been wearing the Smasbox version for the last couple days, I'm going to try this one again so I can do a comparison.  But, as I recall from using it before, it does work really well and makes your makeup look even/last all day.  Also, it has the added bonus of being a steal at about $8 for 1.5 oz.  One more thing, it apparently helps reduce redness after shaving or waxing.  I'm gonna give that a whirl next time I do my brows.
What primers do you like?  Anyone else tried Soothing Care?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Colored Pants!

Oh, colored pants.  Who doesn't love a good colored pant??  Especially in mint.  I have a strange adoration for mint at the moment.  I'm not really sure where it came from, but I'm not going to question it. 
I actually got these pants at the J. Crew Factory store in San Marcos, TX at the awesome outlet mall.  I think they were only $20 or something around that.  I wore them that same night and immediately got a stain.  Ugh, don't you hate when that happens? 
My sister in law was kind enough to make it her mission to get the spot out for me.  It was pretty epic.  D vs The Stain.  About 15 washes and multiple treatments later, D won and I have my pants back!  And just in time for spring.
What colors are you liking the best?  Or are you more of a print pant person (like that alliteration there?  Yes, I just said alliteration in my blog.)?
Pants:  J. Crew Factory (similar)
Shirt: Old Navy (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21  (similar look)
Shoes: Target (similar)
Lipstick: Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie
The Pleated Poppy                          Because Shanna Said So                                  Transatlantic Blonde

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beauty Tip Tuesday: DIY Dry Shampoo Solutions

DIY Dry Shampoo
Have you ever had a day where you're:
A. running around the house like a mad person because you're late for wherever you need to be or
B.  wanting to lay in bed for those extra 5-10 minutes because CLEARLY that will make a difference in the grand scheme of your day? 

I totally know how you feel.  Most days I lay in bed thinking "do I really need to wash my hair today?"  I don't know about you, but it cuts down on a solid 15 minutes of getting ready time if I don't have to wash my hair.  If I can lay in bed for an extra 15 minutes, it's a win in my book. 

Something I have come to love is dry shampoo.  Now I know there are a lot of options at your local Target/Walmart/Drugstore.  However, I absolutely hate the smell of most of them.  It is so chemical like and I don't even like being in the room after I spray it.  So, I did some searching and found that there are other ways to get the results of store bought shampoo with things that you probably have in your house already.

Enter cornstarch.  I know this sounds weird (especially if you haven't tried any of the DIY "natural" stuff that is on the web these days) but trust me, it's not really that crazy.  I've found that it's easiest to apply this to your roots with a big kabuki brush (or something similar).  You just dab it with the cornstarch like you would with powder and dab it onto your roots.  Since I have light blonde hair, I only use cornstarch.  But, if you have a darker shade, you can add cocoa powder until you reach your desired color.  Just find a jar (or an old body scrub tub would give easy access for your brush) and mix the two ingredients together. 

I've also read that people will add in a couple drops of an essential oil to make it smell good...I haven't tried this and honestly, I'm not sure how the powders and the oil would mix...just seems like a mess to me but to each their own. 

Another thing I have tried that I think works well is Mario Badescu's Special Healing Powder.  This is originally for oily skin (or blemishes) but hey, why not oily hair?? 

I know this probably isn't for everyone and some of you may be thinking there's no way in hell you're putting cornstarch or cocoa powder on your hair.  But for those who don't like the smell of the store bought dry shampoos or are just looking for a quick solution because they have ran out of their dry shampoo and have an oily hair situation going on -- try it! 

What oily hair solutions do you use?  Any other ideas out there?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mini Sephora/Drugstore Haul

How was your weekend?  I had a nice little Saturday planned...I was going to go to the mall with a friend and get my hair cut.  However, when taking my dog out in the morning I had a complete wipeout.  There was still a lot of ice on the ground and I slipped, flew up into the air and landed right on my back.  Seriously?  It's the end of April.  Why the heck is there ice on the roads??  Ugh.  

So anyway, I had to adjust my plans but was still able to make it to the mall on Sunday.  I didn't get any clothes because I'll be going shopping with my mom this coming weekend and will no doubt get some then.  But, I did stop at Sephora.  

I broke down and got the smallest container of the Kate Somerville Exfolikate that they had.  It was STILL $22 but as I said here it's pretty awesome.  I also picked up a Makeup Forever concealer and a Tarte highlighter pen (along with cashing in some of my points to get their "cult favorite" 500 point gift).  Have you ever noticed how scary the lights around their big makeup mirrors are?  Seriously, maybe not the best strategy when trying to sell expensive makeup.  Just sayin.

I also stopped at the drugs store on the way home and picked up one of the Maybelline Color Tattoos (tough as taupe), a Revlon Lip Butter (raspberry pie) and the Revlon Color Stay (light) pressed powder.  

The Color Tattoo is a really nice matte taupe color.  The formula seems really nice and easily blendable.    I'm sure I'll be picking up some of the other colors at some point.

I also love Revlon's Lip Butters.  They are a lot nicer (in my opinion) than regular lipsticks because they aren't as cake-y.  They are more like a really pigmented chapstick type thing.  Think of it as a lipstick with training wheels.  

What are some of your favorite products for spring?  Anyone have any good buys over the weekend?

Friday, April 19, 2013

I Want You.

I Want You
Instead of doing a high five for Friday post, this is a "I want you and why don't I have lots of money so I can buy you?" post.  It's almost the same, right? 
1.  Kate Somerville ExfoliKate.  In all honesty, this products is a nutso price.  I think the largest one (5 oz) is about $175 which is really just insane for an exfoliant.  HOWEVER, I did have a couple of old samples of this and tried one for the first time the other night.  Let me tell ya, it's pretty awesome.  It's a really intense scrub and smells really interesting.  It actually reminds me of this raisin sauce my mom makes to put on the ham for Easter (I realize raisin sauce probably sounds really weird but trust me, it's amazing). 
2.  Clarisonic.  I mean, I know I'm late to this party, but I've wanted one for awhile.  I have the Olay knock off one, but I'm convinced it's not as good.  Also, if you could tell me the difference between all the Clarisonics that would be amazing!  I want to ask for one for my birthday but I don't really know which one to ask for.  How can one scrubby thing be different from the other??
3.  Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush.  I've heard so many good things about this and apparently it's really long lasting.  Enough said.
4.  Tarte's Amazonian Clay Concealer.  I figure since the blush is so long lasting, then the concealer version would have to be as well.  I feel like I need a really good concealer in my life.  Right now I have one from Clinique but this is next on my list.
5.  Maybelline's Color Tattoo.  These shadows have also gotten a lot of hype since they came out (not sure when that was...probably a year or so ago?)  They look really fun and area also long lasting.  Do you see a pattern here?
6.  Last but not least, NARS Illuminator.  I got a sample of this from Sephora awhile back and it's just a really fun product.  I think it would be great with summer coming up (supposedly, anyway). 
Are there any products that you have your eye on?  Also, seriously, if you know the difference between all the Clarisonics let me know.  I realize I could google it but I like getting actual reviews/opinions.  And I trust you, obviously!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


So I've been reading a lot of beauty blogs lately. For some reason they are just interesting me a lot more right now than the fashion ones. Not that my love for fashion is diminishing, I'm just having an affair with makeup/skin care at the moment (or maybe I don't have to be mutually exclusive. Just maybe I can love them both equally. There's a thought...).  

After reading some posts/watching some videos and seeing how other bloggers organize their makeup, I figured I should probably tidy up my space. I'll paint you a little word picture -- my husband and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment. In my opinion, it's way to small for us (or maybe we just have way too much stuff...but really, the answer would be to get a bigger space. NOT get rid of things. Obviously). The second bedroom is really more of a glorified closet so that is how we use it. We have our dressers in there along with my makeup storage.
Now on the average day, my clothes/shoes/makeup/hair stuff/whatever else you can think of are thrown all over the place in this room. It's the one room in our apartment (aside from our sun room...which is another story) that I just don't care if it's messy. After all, it's just the place where I get ready. If people have a problem with the mess, well, then they don't need to go in that room anyway :)  

To get back to my point, I thought it was about time I at least try to organize my makeup.  I currently have this unit from Ikea and the first three sections house my makeup and some face products.  About an hour and a glass of wine later, I achieved the level of organization pictured above.  Not where I would like it to be, but it's better than where it was.  I should have taken a "before" but to give you an idea, the top of the dresser (last picture) contained mounds of products and the below drawers were only half full. 
Even though my current dresser has been good to me, I think when we eventually do move and *hopefully* have more space, I would like to get something like this so I can actually sit down and do my makeup.  I miss the days of having a vanity when I lived at my parent's house.  Sigh.
What do you use for makeup storage??  Any creative ideas?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Lady Like Polka Dots


Happy Wednesday!  Half way to the weekend.  Woo! 
So I actually got this skirt off the Target clearance rack a couple weeks ago.  I think it was something around $13 bucks...not too shabby.  The shoes are also a Target purchase from a couple years ago and while they are starting to look a little dingy, I will never get rid of them.  They are so comfortable it's ridiculous.  I wish I would've gotten them in other colors (if they came in other colors...I'm really not sure since it's been so long). 
Since the skirt is high waisted and flow-y, I think a simple tighter top does the trick.  I tried about three others before settling on this one.  I initially thought this loose off white shirt would look cute...oh was I wrong.  It was like I instantly gained 30 pounds.  Not a good look.  Take note, always abide by the tighter bottom/loose top loose bottom/tight top rule. 
What great clearance rack finds have you come by lately??

The Pleated Poppy    Because Shanna Said So     Transatlantic Blonde

Top: New York and Company (similar)
Scarf: H&M (similar)
Skirt: Target  (similar...as close as I could get anyway)
Shoes: Target  (similar)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Smooth Skin for Summer

With summer right around the corner (or down the street about a mile if you're in Minnesota) you may be wanting to try to get rid of flaky, dry winter skin.  Most women know that exfoliating and moisturizing are probably the best thing you can do to get great skin, however with the insane amount of product out there, it's hard to find the one that will get the most out of your skin. 

I've tried a lot of body washes...anything from drug store brands to Philosophy to Bath and Body Works, etc.  In my experience, a lot of body washes end up drying out my skin to the point where I have to put lotion on right after a shower or else my skin will feel tight all day.  I usually do try to use lotion after a shower, but I don't like when it's absolutely necessary in order to feel comfortable for the rest of the day.

I first tried The Body Shop's Olive Shower Gel while I was at my brother and sister in law's house.  I noticed that my skin actually felt moisturized after I got out of the shower, not dried out like it had with other washes.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  It's nice to not have to slap on lotion if you're in a hurry (and you don't have to deal with the awkward lotion-y legs while trying to put on skinny jeans because you don't have enough time to let them dry situation.  Yeah, you know what I'm talking about). 

Fast forward a couple months and I ended up getting the body wash and the body scrub (they were having a buy one get one half off deal...and of course I just HAD to take advantage of it aka I'm exactly why they do deals like that).

After using both the products, I'm pretty convinced that I will never want to use another body wash again.  I think the secret is that it contains actual olive oil and if you've read this post or this post you've probably caught on to the fact that I love using oil products.  If you think it's gross or have subscribed to the oil-free world that a lot of beauty brands live in....just try it.  Seriously. 

Right now on The Body Shop's website, the 25oz shower gel is on sale for $11.25 (normally $15.00) and the scrub is $15.00 down from $20.00. 

So, in a nut shell -- oil is good.  Try this.  Thank me later.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Leather Dress

I found this awesome faux leather dress at Marshall's a few weeks ago for $50.00.  A little more than I would normally spend on just a random casual dress, but I figured I would take the plunge since leather is in for spring (and will be able to transition easily into fall...so that completely justifies it, right?). 

So full disclosure, this outfit was completely inspired by this post on Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I wasn't sure how else to wear the dress besides layering a sweater/blazer/shirt over it, but then I saw Emily's post and had the light bulb moment when I realized hey, I can put something under it!  No, I hadn't thought of that before.  Don't judge me. 

This skirt on Piperlime.com is also really cute if you're not a jump-right-in-the-pool sort of person.  Although come to think of it...I always take my time getting in pools/cold bodies of water.  I mean, who likes that feeling of cold taking over your entire body?  Seriously.

Do you support the faux (or real, if that's your sort of thing) leather trend?  AND, the more important question...jump in or gradual approach to getting in bodies of water??  These are important things people.

Dress:  Marshalls
Shirt: Target (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Mix No. 6 via DSW

Friday, April 12, 2013

High Five For Friday

High Five For Friday

High Five For Friday!

Hope everyone had a great week!  Personally, I'm ready for it to be over.  We have had TERRIBLE weather and on top of that I'm not feeling well so I'm extra happy for the weekend.

1.  How I Met Your Mother Mondays.  We always have a couple people over on Mondays to watch HIMYM (and now it includes Vikings, Revolution, bits of The Voice and whatever AMC show is currently on during that time of year).

2.  I'm trying to stay positive and imagine that our April snow showers will bring many May flowers...we'll see how long that lasts.

3.  I love this ELF nail polish because not only is it only two bucks, but it's a good color for whenever spring arrives in this tundra.

4.  Even though I try to never eat anything from McDonald's (it grosses me out more and more as I get older) I still love their McFlurrys.  I haven't been feeling well the last couple days so my husband picked me up one of these bad boys on his way home from work.  I justify it by saying "it will help sooth my sore throat."

5.  This is one of my fav teas.  With a little cream/milk it is a great thing to have on a cold Friday morning when I'm not feeling well.

How was your week?  Join in on H54F at From My Grey Desk!

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thundersnow. Up Next: Zombie Apocolypse

It is currently thundersnowing.  Yes, that is an actual weather term.  All I have to say is WTF Minnesota?  It is the middle of April.  We are supposed to be enjoying 50-60 degree weather with sun shinning and birds chirping.  Okay, I realize that sounds like a description of a scene from Cinderella but it's still valid. 
In order to ease the pain of the realization that spring is never going to arrive, my office is having an extra casual day today (in addition to our usual casual Fridays).  Therefore, I opted for comfy and cozy.  I'm wearing my trusty $10 jeans from Forever 21 and Coconuts Blakely Riding Boots (via DSW) along with a comfy sweater and scarf (different from shown but those were the closest I could find since mine are old). 
Anyone else having crazy weather this week?  Please share so I can take comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one!



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Seeing Red....and Stripes!

Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday hosted by The Pleated Poppy and Random Wednesday with Because Shannon Said So.  I recently got this dress at Forever 21 while at the mall with some girlfriends.  I've always loved the whole nautical stripes thing...maybe because it's just so classic...or maybe I have some subconscious desire to be a sailor, I don't know.  

Also, even though I've had the shoes for a few (or five) years now, I still love them.  I'll just always love ruffles.  They are awesome.  Enough said.

I love this outfit because of my aforementioned stripes obsession however, after bringing it home and trying it on, I discovered that it is likely too short to wear to work (at least without tights or leggings) which is unfortunate.  I'm always hunting for cute things to wear to work.  Oh well, I have another cute dress to wear on the weekends.  Darn.

Dress: Forever 21 (here)
Bracelet: Forever 21(here)
Necklace: H&M (old) (similar)
Purse: New York & Company (old)
Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

pleated poppy

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beauty Tip Tuesday: How to Get Long Lush Lashes

If you're like me, the quest for abundant lashes is never ending.  Especially because I have such blonde hair, my eyelashes are almost invisible if I don't wear mascara.  In a nut shell, I look like I'm 12 without any makeup.  Awesome.  So, I am a HUGE sucker for a good mascara. 

I've tried everything from the more expensive versions like Diorshow, Clinique High Impact and Benefit's Bad Gal to Maybelline's Falsies and Cover Girl's Lash Blast Volume.  My fav thus far (and what I use to get this look) is Cover Girl's Lash Blast.  I think it competes with the more expensive brands but has an affordable price, which, really...isn't that what we are always looking for? 

Okay -- moving on to the look:

1.  In order to actually grow longer lashes, I recommend rubbing castor oil on your lash line every night (or a castor oil/olive oil mix, which is what I do).  Ever since I started using the Oil Cleansing Method (more about that here) I have noticed my lashes have grown longer.  I've read that castor oil has properties that cause hair growth and it has definitely worked for me. 

2.  Next, buy a good lash conditioner.  I'm currently using L'Oreal's Double Extend (here) which works really well (although I only use the conditioner, not the mascara.  I stick with my Cover Girl for that step).  If you're willing to splurge a little, I really love Dior's Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum.  It really is pretty awesome.  I actually prefer it to the L'Oreal version, but I'm just not willing to shell out $30 bucks each time for a new tube. 

Before you put on any product, curl your lashes.  Then, coat your lashes with a couple swipes of the lash conditioner.  It will make your lashes look white-ish.  Welcome to my world. 

3.  As I said (multiple times...hey, I love it), for this step I prefer Cover Girl's Lash Blast Volume.  Obviously, this is just what I recommend.  Feel free to use your fav product.  But really, it's great.

The result:


Using these three products, I have been able to get the false lash look without dealing with the mess, annoyance and time consuming-ness of actual fake lashes.  The added bonus is that some of it is natural because of the castor oil.  Woo!

Do you have a beauty secret?  What are your essential products for everyday use?

PS -- If you're interested in purchasing castor oil, here's a good one.  When buying CO, make sure it is cold pressed and preferably organic.