Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Looking for an Inexpensive Natural Lotion?

I swear, I go through lotion ridiculously quick.  Anyone else have that problem?  Sometimes I feel like a 9 oz tube only lasts a couple weeks.  Because of that, I love finding a good product for an affordable price.  I was browsing Ulta a couple weeks ago and came across the Tree Hut brand.  I had never heard of it before but have since done a little internet searching to see what their story is.  Tree Hut is a brand that started in Texas and is committed to using effective/natural ingredients, not testing on animals and producing their product in the US (you can read more about the brand here). 

The Extra Rich Moisturizing lotion is just that.  It smells delicious, has a nice thick texture but isn't greasy and you don't need a ton of product to be able to moisturize your entire body.  I usually use this after taking a shower and it leaves your skin feeling nice and moisturized all day.  What more can you ask for from a lotion?  Also, it's $6.49, so you really can't go wrong.

Next is the Moisturizing Hand Cream.  I picked up the cream in the coconut lime scent and it's as you would expect -- reminiscent of some sort of tropical drink (which I enjoy, so it's totally fine with me!).  The thing that is great about this hand cream is that it is pretty matte after applying.  If you're someone who likes to use hand lotion but hates the greasy feeling you can get from some products, this one is for you.  I put it on before bed and don't have to worry about letting it dry for ten minutes before I can touch anything.  A+

What lotions have you been loving lately?


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