Friday, October 4, 2013

Looking for a Great Drugstore Lipstick?

Top: Audrey (matte) Bottom: Narcissus (round formula)

Although I love lipsticks from the likes of Urban Decay and Tarte, sometimes it's really hard to justify spending $20+ dollars on something that will likely eventually be lost or ruined by some unforeseeable force (aka a dog or a hot car...).  So, one must peruse the drugstore for some more budget friendly options.  

NYX, while not always widely available is such an awesome drugstore brand.  It continually gets great reviews for its blushes, eye shadows and of course, lip products.  I was at Ulta a couple weeks ago and wandered over to the NYX section (side note, Ulta has the best selection of NYX my opinion anyway).  I had heard a lot of great things about their matte formula so I picked one of those up in Audrey and one of the "Round" lipsticks (which are creamy and shiny) in Narcissus

Both of these formulas are nicely pigmented with the Round Case lipstick being more shiny/almost glossy and the matte being a true matte.  Both have an average wear time for a non-long lasting lipstick, about 4 hours or so (unless you're really good about not biting your lips/drinking/eating, etc. which I am not).  

Overall, these are a real win in the drugstore category and Ulta is having a sale right now so you can get them for about $3.50 (originally $5.99) for the matte formula and $2.40 (originally $3.99) for the original!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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