Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Amazing Maxi

This one is just for your amusement :)

Photog Credit: Katy Dew Photography

So I realize the title of this post sounds like a bad super hero and/or pad commercial but let's just roll with it.  You gotta love a good maxi dress.  By throwing on one piece of clothing you can instantly look effortlessly put together.  Who doesn't love that?

Even though fall is upon us, there's still some good maxi wearing days ahead.  This particular one is from Target which, by the way, has a lot of maxis on sale at the moment.  Just throwing that out there for ya.  If it's starting to get a little cooler where you're living, you can give your dress an extended life by throwing a long sleeve tee or sweater over the top and switching out the flip flops for some cute flats (like these! which would be particularly cute with a navy maxi).

What are your tips for extending wear on your summer clothing items?

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  1. I love Target (who doesn't?) - you can find such amazing pieces there. This dress looks amazing on you! Rock it, Sarah! =)

  2. That is a nice colour dress.


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