Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Booties for Every Occasion

Fall Booties

Even though I by no means am ready for the freezing weather of winter, I'm excited to take my fall items out of storage and being able to layer without immediately needing to strip when stepping outside.  Nothing finishes off the perfect fall outfit like a good bootie (not to be confused with the right booty.....yeah....).  These members of the shoe family come in all styles and colors and can literally be worn with anything.  I particularly like them with a good pair of skinnies and a cute top.  Although, anything can look good with skinnies and a cute top, let's be honest. 

Here are the four that I have my eye on and how I would style them (clockwise from left):

Betsy Johnson Camper Bootie 
Try with dark skinny jeans black v-neck tee with a long necklace or a sassy black dress.    Yes, sassy.

Michael Antonio Mayer Bootie
An A-line skirt with a structured shirt and some fun tights.
Me Too Legacy Women's Ankle Bootie
Anything.  Seriously, anything.
Zigi Soho Guerrilla Combat Bootie
 A pair of well lived in jeans, a slouchy tee shirt and scarf.

What fall items are you looking forward to wearing?


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