Monday, September 16, 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Every fashion loving girl's heart skipped a beat when Target announced they would be doing designer collaborations.  The most recent of the aforementioned collaborations launched on Sunday.  The Phillip Lim for Target line is probably the most anticipated team up since Missoni.  I've never been a real fan of Missoni (sorry, but it's just not my bag baby.  I feel like an Austin Powers reference is appropriate when referencing Missoni, so there ya go) so I was pretty excited for the arrival of Phillip Lim on September 15.  

First off, I had a major fail when getting to the store on Sunday morning.  I had looked up the time my local Target opened and thought it was 10 am.  When I got to the store, I saw people going in and out and it was a few minutes before it was supposedly supposed to open.  Well, turns out the store I looked up was the downtown store which opened at 10 and the store I went to opened at I'm not sure what items were sold out by the time I arrived.  I'm guessing the smaller purses were sold out since I only saw the large ones.  There also were no trenches left, none of the black and white abstract print dresses/tops along with a slew of other things, however there were also not any racks for those items so I'm not sure if they were ever there.  The world will never know. 

I tried on a few different items (this is shocking because I detest trying on clothes...but I was trying to cut down on any impulse buying since I had already had a little splurge at Sephora/The Body Shop earlier in the weekend) and decided on the navy skirt, the navy/green sweater and the large tote.  I tried on a few other things that didn't work for one reason or another.  I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with since I was needing some more pieces that are work friendly and the two I liked ended up making a cute little outfit (I can practically hear a couple of my friends laughing since they think I always do this without trying...but I think it's just because I usually gravitate towards the same color when on a shopping excursion). 

Unfortunately, my wallet wouldn't allow me to pick up everything I wanted but as I said, I'm happy with with I got.  I'm also happy I was able to get anything considering I got to the store two hours after they opened.  Oops.  

Did you pick up any items from the Phillip Lim for Target line?  What are your favorite pieces?


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