Monday, August 26, 2013

The Best Nail Polish Remover Ever!

Painting my nails has never been a fun thing for me.  Yes, I like the end result but applying...and even worse, taking it off were not my favorite tasks.  I had seen the Up & Up Dip It nail polish remover mentioned on a few different blogs and it was getting pretty great reviews.  I saw it when I was at Target a couple weeks ago and since it was only about $2.99, I figured I would pick it up.  

It's an acetone remover, so I would recommend using a good hand/nail lotion after using this, just FYI.  Basically, you put your polished finger in the jar, scrub it against the plastic bristles for 5 seconds and pull it out.  That's it.  No gross cotton balls leaving scraps of cotton on your nails, or tissue paper falling apart.  You can literally get all your polish off in probably 60 seconds (even glitter polish!).  Okay, maybe 90 depending on how speedy you are.  But still.  That completely changes the likelihood of me doing my nails on a regular basis. 

This product is cheap and extremely effective.  Enough said.

Have you tried this remover?  Would you be more likely to do your nails if you had a quick and effective way to remove polish?


Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it :)