Thursday, August 8, 2013

Origins Clear Improvements Mask

Origins products always seem to get great reviews across the board.  I haven't tried very many (two to be exact) and I've liked one (this) and fairly strongly disliked the other (the Zero Oil Toner.  It was just too harsh for me.  More about that here).  I had read a few reviews from some beauty gurus and they seemed to really love this mask so I thought I would give it a shot.  I love a good clay mask and have been on a mask kick for a while now.  

The Origins Clear Improvement mask is a charcoal mask (hence why it looks greyish-black) and claims to really get in your pores and clear all the gunk out.  All in all, the normal claims of a clay mask.  It's a thick consistency and dries to a lighter grey color after about ten minutes or so.  You can really leave it on for however you like, but I believe once it's dried it stops working so to speak.  Once dried, you wash it off and continue with your regular skincare routine.  

I like this mask as it doesn't irritate my skin at all and makes it feel clean after I wash it off.  I find it's hard to tell if a mask is really effective, because it can take some time before you see results.  Also, I've changed a lot in regard to my skincare routine lately so it's hard to tell if this has helped or not.  However, I do think it's a really nice clay mask and Origins uses natural, safe ingredients so that coupled with the fact that it doesn't break me out or anything makes it a winner in my book.  You could probably find a cheaper clay mask at the drugstore that would work just as well but hey, sometimes it's just fun to splurge.

What's your favorite clay mask? 


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