Monday, August 12, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination!


Crystal from All That Beauty ever so kindly nominated my blog for a Liebster Award.  Basically, a Liebster Award is for all of us new/little blogs and is a great way to discover up and coming bloggers.

Here are the rules:
1. You must link back to the blog that nominated you.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
3. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
4. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
5. Go to their page and tell them.
6. No tag backs!

Here are the questions I answered: 

1.  What is your favorite face moisturizer? Eminence Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer.  It's moisturizing but not at all greasy. 

2.  What is your holy grail mascara?  Cover Girl Lash Blast.  I always have one in my stash, however I'm an equal opportunity mascara wearer.  I'm always trying different kinds.

3.  Drugstore or highend makeup line?  Hmmm this is a tough one.  Even if I had all the money in the world, there are still things I would buy from the drugstore like my Cover Girl mascara and Wet n Wild eye shadows.  As far as high end, I tend to like the pricier foundations and concealers compared to their drugstore counterparts.

4.  What is your favorite perfume? Miss Dior.  My husband got it for me for Christmas one year and I'm currently rationing the last few squirts.

5.  Do you like Maybelline Baby lips?  Nope, I think they are overrated.  More about that here.

6.  Your Favorite Lush Product?  Honey Brazen Face Mask...again, full review here.

7.  What is your pet peeve?  Is this assuming I only have one??  Just kidding...kind of.  Hmm, let's see.  One of the biggies is someone who thinks it's funny and/or cute to act immature.  You will get further in life if you act put together, thoughtful and intelligent. 

8.  What is your favorite season? Summer and fall.  By the end of winter, I'm always ready for warm weather. the end of summer it's always refreshing when the crisp fall days roll around.  I really love all the seasons for different reasons.  Except winter.  Winter can eat it.

9.  What is your favorite color lipstick? Probably soft pink.  I love really bright shades but a soft pink is so versatile.  

10.  What is your favorite palette from wet n' wild? Nude Awakening (Limited Edition Spring 2013).  It's basically a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette at a fraction of the price.

11.  Name 2 beauty products you can't live without?  Mascara and maybe concealer...or chapstick.  But mainly mascara.  Any blonde girl knows what I'm talkin about.

And here are the questions I am asking!

1.  What is your favorite foundation for a flawless face?

2.  What is your favorite clothing store (or website) to shop in?

3.  Why did you start your blog?

4.  If you could love anywhere, where would it be and why?

5.  What would be your dream job?

6.  What's your favorite high end makeup product?

7.  What's your favorite drugstore makeup product?

8.  Where do you prefer to shop for body products?

9.  Sephora or Ulta and why?

10.  What are your go to skincare products (face wash, moisturizer, and whatever else you may use)?

11.  What is your dream vacation? 

The lovely blogs I am nominating:

Katherine from Curvy Maven
Paige from Paige-Violet
Laurelle from Paint Me Pretty
Danielle from Lady Loves Beauty
Gillian from Alwaysunpresentable

I know the rules say to nominate 11 blogs, but to be honest I think it defeats the purpose to  search out blogs solely for the purpose of having enough to nominate when I haven't even read them before.  So I'm sticking with these 7!


  1. I loved reading your answers. Now I really want to get my hands on the nude awakening palette.

  2. I got my Miss Dior as a present from my husband too and I just love the packaging, so pretty! And I totally agree with your pet peeve... It's even worse for me because I know I used to do that! Oh the shame... haha xx


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