Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Beauty Tip Tuesday #5

If you have a mascara that you love but it smudges on you halfway through the day, top it off with one coat of waterproof mascara.  It will prevent smudging but is still easy to get off at the end of the day.  I've been liking the Revlon Lash Potion mascara, but noticed that it smudges on my lower lashes by the time I'm ready to break out my lunch.  In order to stop that in its tracks, I'll throw a layer of Benefit's They're Real on top and it stays for the whole day.  I know They're Real isn't technically waterproof, but it acts like it...so it works.  You get the nice, long and clump free lashes from the first mascara, but the smudge proof-ness of the second.  Yes, "smudge proof-ness" is a phrase.  Apparently.

What beauty tips do you have?


  1. Thanks, Sarah! It's simple and it works!


Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it :)