Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's Going on in the Drugstores?

I must admit, this is a bit of a rant but bear with me.  I was in CVS yesterday and noticed a display of L'Oreal's Made for Me Pinks (the new lipsticks in the Color Riche line).  I was looking at the two colors they had under the "Fair" category (they have the shades split up into which would look best for what kind of skin) and really loved them.  I thought hey, I have $3 in CVS bucks to use up, I'll get these two lil guys.  
Then...I looked at the price.  They were a whopping $9.49 each in store!  I'm sorry, did I stumble into Sephora without realizing it?  Some of the drugstores are getting out of control with their prices.  My theory is that they do this because they have decent rewards programs but if they are overcharging for the product in the first place...that kind of negates the benefits of the reward program.  For some reason, they are slightly cheaper on the CVS website at $8.99, but still annoying.  Also, the Magic Nude foundation was over $12.  That's getting pretty close to "high end" status.  

I don't mean to hate on CVS (or L'Oreal for that matter).  Most of the drugstores seem to be doing this.  However, I will say that Target always has better base prices on their beauty products than your CVS, Walgreens, etc.  Their prices for both of the aforementioned products are a lot more reasonable.  The foundation is currently listed at $10.99 and the lipsticks are $5.99 (a solid 3 bucks cheaper than the in-store CVS price).  
So, long story short, even though those drugstores might make you feel like you're saving money with their generous rewards programs...they are probably overcharging in the first place.  So really if you use their rewards/coupons you just end up spending what you would at Target or the like.

Maybe I'm just having a crabby day or am being too harsh, but seriously drugstores, what's goin on??  End rant.


  1. So true! I especially noticed this happening in the mascara and foundation area a few years ago and now it's creeping over in to lipsticks. So unfortunate! It's worth it on buy one get one 50% off weeks, but you won't catch me buying things at full price anymore.

  2. I'm curious. I don't shop make up in drugstores anymore. (I sell Avon) if you don't like it are you able to return or exchange it? I agree with you on the price point. Do you see increase in the other lines like Cover Girl, Maybelline?

    1. To be honest I've never tried to return a used/opened makeup product to a drugstore. I'm not sure if they would take it back if you just flat out didn't like it. I'll have to ask the next time I go. Anyone else know??

      I've seen an increase across the board as far as brand goes. There are still some cheap brands that have quality products (elf, NYX, Wet n Wild) but the prices are definitely on the rise!


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