Monday, July 8, 2013

Thoughts on Diptyque Perfumes and Candles

One day when I got my daily Hautelook email, I noticed the site was going to be featuring Diptyque products.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited at the thought of getting some of their products for a big discount.  If you haven't heard of Diptyque, they are a Parisian brand selling mainly perfumes and home fragrances.  It seems like tons of beauty bloggers rave about their products so I thought I would take advantage of the discounted prices and purchase a few things via Hautelook.

To start off with, it's pretty difficult to order perfume online.  You basically just have to go with it and hope the over the top descriptions are fairly accurate.  I ended up chosing the Oyedo which is described on their site as:

     "This eau de toilette is named after the city of Edo, the former name of Tokyo, where very fresh scents, structured upon citrus fruit, such as yuzu (multifaceted cousin to the lime), were very much in demand. It recalls a citrus orchard on the shores of the Pacific. A fresh scent, yes, but also distinguished and joyous, warmed by sun-drenched thyme."

Again, the description is a little over the top but basically it's labeled as a citrus-y fruity fresh scent.  I would agree that it is fruity, but it is incredibly sweet.  It's not much of a problem for me since I don't mind sweet perfumes, but it seems like I'm the minority in that regard so it may not be everyone's cup of tea.  You guys are probably going to think "how the f can you like that" after I give this description but it almost reminds me of the scent of knockout powder from back in the day.  Remember that stuff?  Basically Kool Aid without the water?  Good times.  Anyway, yeah, it's that kind of sweet...just a little more toned down.  

Lasting power for the perfume is medium.  I find that it doesn't quite last all day or stay on my clothes like my trusty Miss Dior so that's a bit disappointing.  However, you only need one spritz and you're good to go (you really only need one spritz of any perfume but that's another story).

As far as the candle goes, I ordered the Lilas aka Lilac scent.  There's no mistaking this one.  It smells like fresh lilacs, which is amazing.  It's a nice light and fresh smell that is quintessentially spring.  The candle is about 6.5 oz so it's not huge but this guy will only be burned ever so often.  I'll keep using my good 'ol Bath and Body Works ones for everyday.  

On the topic of repurchasing, I would maybe try another perfume if the brand is featured on Hautelook again.  I feel like I got a pretty good deal since perfume in general is so expensive.  It was $35 for the 1.7 oz bottle (for reference, the Miss Dior is $70 for a 1 oz. bottle).  So, I was able to get the candle and the perfume for the full price cost of just a candle.  Speaking of, their candles are just so dang expensive for what they are.  Yes, they are nice, but to be completely honest I just wanted to try them out since all the big girl beauty bloggers have Diptyque products. 

Have you ever tried Diptyque?  What are your thoughts?


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