Wednesday, July 10, 2013

They're Back! Wet N Wild Limited Edition Spring 2013 8 Pan Shadows

 Left: Nude Awakening Right: Going in the Wild
 Going in the Wild
Nude Awakening

As I've said before, Wet n Wild has really brought it when it comes to their shadows.  They have a great texture without too much fallout and are easy to blend.  When their spring palettes were released this year, they sold out really quickly and a lot of people (cough...including me...cough) were forced to use unconventional ways of finding them.  After some searching, I ended up getting these off of Ebay a few months back (still sealed, no worries).  

However, today on Nouveau Cheap, I learned that the brand is re-releasing the duo!  Wet n Wild's limited edition collections aren't always the easiest items to find, but if you can get your hands on these I would definitely recommend it.  Especially the Nude Awakening palette. It has some really great colors.  If you can only get one, I would skip on Going in the Wild (Anyone else think this is kind of a weird name?  It makes me think of...relieving yourself in the wild.  Just me?).  The yellow, green and purple in this one are a bit chalky.  But, at $4 it's worth it if you like all the other colors.

If you're thinking the Nude Awakening palette looks naggingly're not alone.  More on that coming later in the week.

Have you scored any of the LE palettes?  What's your take?


  1. These look really wonderful - I'm going to keep my eyes open for these. Especially Nude Awakening... that seems like a must have!


Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it :)