Monday, July 29, 2013

The Summer Gloss

From  Top: Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Stain Gloss in Cool Coral, Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Coral Reef, Rimmel Stay Glossy (color 2074), Revlon Color Stay Mineral Gloss in Perennial Pink

Summer is the time for a great gloss.  It's something that's easy to throw on and looks good with any sort of makeup.  If there could be a magical gloss that lasted all day without reapplying (I always just forget about it and never end up reapplying anyway) and wasn't sticky that would be AMAZING!  Unfortunately, we live in the real world and I don't care how much a brand boasts those abilities, there's just not a lipgloss like that.  But there are some really great ones out there that are worth the extra effort that comes with reapplying a gloss.  

Here are a few drugstore options that are nice formulas in fun summer colors:

1.  Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Stain Gloss in Cool Coral -- My only beef with this guy is that it says it's a "10 Hour" lip stain.  I always wonder how brands come up with those claims.  This definitely does not last for ten hours (at least not with a nice strong color), but it is really long lasting.  I actually really love these stains and bought it in a few different colors.  They last for hours and have a nice smooth formula.  The last picture is actually after I washed my hands with soap.  Maybelline isn't lying when they say stain, that's for sure!  They are pretty strongly scented, so if that's not your thing I would maybe stay away.

2.  Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Coral Reef -- For some reason this looks straight up orange in the pictures.  I promise it's not that orange-y however I would call it a true coral.  These glosses from Revlon are a nice standard gloss.  Not too sticky and lasts as long as any regular gloss can last.

3.  Rimmel Stay Glossy in Fuchsia Fever -- I like this one because it's such a fun bright pink.  It's a nice and smooth product but has a little bit of a plastic scent.  You've been warned.

4.  Revlon Color Stay Mineral Gloss in Perennial Pink -- Another really nice pink.  This is more of an everyday, just want a lil color on my lips sort of product.  A great staple to have when you don't know what else to throw on.

What's your favorite drugstore lipgloss for summer?  


  1. I love the Rimmel 'Stay Glossys,' they're amazing! x

  2. Rimmel stay glossy, but in different color.


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