Friday, July 5, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Hi five to anyone that actually made it to work today!  It was a little rough getting up this morning after last night's festivities but hey, I have more important things to save my vacation days for.  To everyone else that was able to take the day off, I'm jealous and wish I was in your shoes.  Either way, happy Friday and here are some highlights from last week...most of which have to do with Fourth of July.

1.  Tis the season for iced coffee...and I never want it to go away!

2.  I finally received my Diptyque items from Hautelook.  I got the lilac smelling candle and it is just that, pure lilac smell.  MMmmmm.

3.  The view from our friends' rooftop pool where we spent the holiday.  It was pretty rough sitting by the pool all afternoon...I mean I actually had to lift my head to drink out of my cup!  Horrors.

4.  We also watched fireworks from said rooftop.  It was glorious to not have to deal with huge mobs of people and have an actual chair to sit in instead of the blanket on the grass set up.

5.  My food contribution for the day.  I thought I would make the cupcakes a lil festive (and healthier....right??) with the strawberries and blueberries.

How was your week?  Any US people do anything fun for the holiday?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. those cupcakes look delicious!!

  2. Those cupcakes look so good :) and I love that you added fruit to them. Also, that rooftop looks gorg and would be amazing to watch fireworks from! Stopping by from H54F :)

  3. I want a cupcake so badly right now! :)


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