Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Weekend Casual

Over the weekend we FINALLY had some decent spring weather.  Today it's in the 40's and rainy but I'm not bitter at all....really.  So, while at my parent's house, my mom and I took advantage of the nice day and spent some time out on their back porch.  We were able to finagle the pet gate to go across the stairs so Oskar could roam around the porch without getting tangled up in a leash. 
I purchased this shirt on the Victoria Secret website.  I don't usually think of VS as a place to get clothes, however I had two secret rewards cards and could not possibly fit another bra in my underwear drawer so decided to peruse their clothing items.  These shirts I believe were 2 for $40 or something like that.  So naturally I bought three of them. 
My expectations were fairly low.  I've bought a small handful of clothing from their site in the past and have never been super impressed.  But, I was pleasantly surprised as these shirts are super comfy and I think they are pretty cute.  I also got it in a yellow and mint color. 
What's your favorite weekend casual look?  Any surprise finds at places you don't normally shop?
Pants: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
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