Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Revlon Super Lustrous in Raspberry Freeze and Temptress

Top: Raspberry Freeze Bottom: Temptress

It's good to be back!  Did you have a good Memorial weekend?  I had a wonderful time at my cabin with my family.  Even though the weather wasn't really cooperating, it was so nice to have some time to relax.  It's amazing what a difference it can make when you get away for a bit.

Now -- to the makeup.  I bought these Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks in Raspberry Freeze and Temptress at CVS during their clearance sale (which is still going on by the way!).  I've heard good things about this line so I thought I would give it a shot.  At only a couple dollars a pop, you can't really go wrong (they retail for $4.99-$6.99 but a decent amount of shades are 75% off at CVS right now)!

The Super Lustrous line is supposed to be a moisturizing lipstick.  The description on the Revlon website doesn't say anything about long-wearing or anything like that, but I think they do fairly well in that category.  As for what they DO claim, I believe they deliver.  It's a nice and moisturizing formula.  You don't get that really dry gross feeling that you do with a lot of lipsticks.  I'm currently wearing Temptress and put it on about two hours ago.  The color has not faded and my lips still feel as if I just put on some chapstick. Also, the top of the cover is see through so you're able to see the shade without taking off the cap, which I appreciate!

Overall, I think this is an awesome overall lipstick.  It's moisturizing, has decent stay power and comes in a massive 82 shades, so there's something for everyone.  There's not really anything bad that I can think of about this one.  As I said before, it doesn't claim to be a long lasting formula so you can't really fault it for fading half way through the day.  Also, with lip stains taking over the scene in recent years, I think we have really high expectations from lipsticks.  Lipstick and lip stains are very different things, so we can't really judge them on the same playing field. 

Have you tried any of the 82 colors?  If not, what's your favorite overall lipstick?


  1. Temptress is a beautiful color need to try.

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  5. love the lighter pink colour!

    - Janine

  6. just bought temptress myself and absolutely love it


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