Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Guest Post: Petite Problems, Petite Solutions

I'm taking a day off today because it's my birthday so my good friend Clare (or Clarita as I like to call her...ya know...little Clare?  I'm just so clever, huh??) is taking over!  As I'm 5' 8" I can't pretend to know the good and bad of the petite world, so she is here to give some great tips.  Enjoy and leave comments to make her feel welcome!

Hello everyone! My name is Clare and I am here to give you a petite perspective! I think every petite woman faces similar problems- never finding shoes, bracelets or rings that fit just right.  Everything is a bit…awkward.  My solution for those hard to find accessories that just don’t fit? Check out the children’s section! Now, I am not talking about clothing because I find that the lengths are never right. Plus, women need darting for a tailored effect.  

However, places like J. Crew have amazing bracelets that are miniature versions of their adult line.  I love this bracelet in particular.  I have it in sea glass myself, but it looks more like neon green in person.

I also am a huge fan of buying shoes in children’s sizes instead of adult sizes.  Aside from looking better in proportion to my body, they are cheaper - and let’s face it, I am a cheap skate.  I did this with my Uggs (I know, I know, not fashionable but oh so warm in the cold Minnesota weather) and with my Hunters.  

I bought my pale pink Hunters from Zappos for $50 a couple years ago and I have been using them a ton this spring (similar)I love pairing them with fun colored jeans to contrast with the fact that Minnesota has been grey and dismal for far too long.

Jeans and Hunters

I tried to have a rainy day photo shoot with my mini dachshund but she had other ideas!

So next time, don't be afraid to head down to the children's section -- you may find something that will work for you!


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