Monday, April 8, 2013

The Women of Mad Men

Mad Men
As most of you know, season six of Mad Men premiered last night.  I haven't seen it yet because I'm still catching up on season five (so no spoilers please!).  I didnt' realize until Saturday that I was one entire season behind...not sure how that happened but thank god for Netflix.  I now have about 12 hours of sixties greatness headed my way throughout this week (because, let's be honest, I will finish it within a week). 

I know the current season is set in the 70's*, but since the series has thus far taken place in the 60's, I decided to focus on 60's fashion (plus I'm just not a big fan of 70's fashion.  Bell bottom pants give me nightmares of the big flare jeans I used to wear in jr. high).  Three of the dresses are current but with a 60's feel (the "Megan" look is vintage, but it's still something that could easily be worn right now.  Especially because it goes along with the whole black and white thing happening right now). 
Are you a fan of the show?  Out of the MM ladies, who's style would you most like to replicate?

*So a friend brought to my attention that the current MM season is actually set in the late sixties, however I'm keeping my above comment about the 70's because my feelings towards 70's fashion is still relevant.  The end.

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