Thursday, April 25, 2013

Prime Time

Prime Time
Since the introduction of BB Creams (the drugstore ones are crap by the way, don't waste your money) I feel like primers haven't really gotten a lot of love.  Some people have said they use their BB Cream as a sort of primer but in my opinion, they don't even compare (I've tried the Maybelline and Cover Girl BB Creams...and did not like either one.  I ordered an actual Korean BB Cream that got rave reviews so I'll let you know about that one after I try it). 
Long story short, I still love a good primer.  It makes your foundation look nice and even as well as keeping it that way throughout the day.  I've tried a few different primers and have had a pretty decent experience with each one. 
First up is the Makeup Forever HD Microperfecting Primer.  Sorry, it's not pictured but I'm writing up this sucker at work (sshhh) and don't have a readily available pic and apparently Polyvore doesn't have a picture of it that I can use.  Whatever.  Anyway, this is actually the primer I wore for my wedding.  It's decent in general.  I definitely didn't dislike it, however now that I've tried a few others, I wouldn't buy it again.  It just didn't seem to make enough of a difference for its $30+ price tag.
Second is That Gal Primer by Benefit.  I liked this one because it is a brightening primer and therefore...brightens your complexion.  CRAZY!  However, since it is very pink-ish I'm not sure how well people with yellow/olive undertones would like this.  Also, it is the worst deal coming in at about $30 for only .37 oz of product (compared to MUF and Smashbox's 1 oz). 
Oh Smashbox.  I actually hadn't tried this primer until the other day.  In my Sephora 500 point gift bag, I got a sample of this sucker.  I had heard people say that they really liked it, but didn't think it could be that different from the others.  Well, it is.  You can tell the second it touches your skin.  It feels almost like a light super fine powder when you rub it between your hands...but it's a liquid.  MIND BLOWN!  It also holds up really well.
Last but not least, and stay with me here people, is Monistat's Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I know it sounds weird but hear me out.  It has the same key ingredients as the Smashbox primer and is also a gel to powder finish.  I totally forgot about this little guy but when I was cleaning out my makeup storage I re-discovered it.  Now that I've been wearing the Smasbox version for the last couple days, I'm going to try this one again so I can do a comparison.  But, as I recall from using it before, it does work really well and makes your makeup look even/last all day.  Also, it has the added bonus of being a steal at about $8 for 1.5 oz.  One more thing, it apparently helps reduce redness after shaving or waxing.  I'm gonna give that a whirl next time I do my brows.
What primers do you like?  Anyone else tried Soothing Care?


  1. You should definitely try it! They may even have smaller sample type sizes at Sephora in those little ...boxes? containers? by the check out. That way you can test it out before committing to the whole thing ;)


Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it :)