Friday, April 19, 2013

I Want You.

I Want You
Instead of doing a high five for Friday post, this is a "I want you and why don't I have lots of money so I can buy you?" post.  It's almost the same, right? 
1.  Kate Somerville ExfoliKate.  In all honesty, this products is a nutso price.  I think the largest one (5 oz) is about $175 which is really just insane for an exfoliant.  HOWEVER, I did have a couple of old samples of this and tried one for the first time the other night.  Let me tell ya, it's pretty awesome.  It's a really intense scrub and smells really interesting.  It actually reminds me of this raisin sauce my mom makes to put on the ham for Easter (I realize raisin sauce probably sounds really weird but trust me, it's amazing). 
2.  Clarisonic.  I mean, I know I'm late to this party, but I've wanted one for awhile.  I have the Olay knock off one, but I'm convinced it's not as good.  Also, if you could tell me the difference between all the Clarisonics that would be amazing!  I want to ask for one for my birthday but I don't really know which one to ask for.  How can one scrubby thing be different from the other??
3.  Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush.  I've heard so many good things about this and apparently it's really long lasting.  Enough said.
4.  Tarte's Amazonian Clay Concealer.  I figure since the blush is so long lasting, then the concealer version would have to be as well.  I feel like I need a really good concealer in my life.  Right now I have one from Clinique but this is next on my list.
5.  Maybelline's Color Tattoo.  These shadows have also gotten a lot of hype since they came out (not sure when that was...probably a year or so ago?)  They look really fun and area also long lasting.  Do you see a pattern here?
6.  Last but not least, NARS Illuminator.  I got a sample of this from Sephora awhile back and it's just a really fun product.  I think it would be great with summer coming up (supposedly, anyway). 
Are there any products that you have your eye on?  Also, seriously, if you know the difference between all the Clarisonics let me know.  I realize I could google it but I like getting actual reviews/opinions.  And I trust you, obviously!


  1. Ughhhh I've been dying to justify buying one of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. They would make such a great eyeshadow base... And the Tarte blushes are just great in so many ways, but they're also kind of out of my budget. Meh.

    I have a Clarisonic (it was my Christmas present from my mother) and I love it. I didn't know my face wasn't getting clean until I started using it. I've tried knock-offs such as the SKINN Sonic, which is far too rough and just doesn't clean as well (based on how my face feels afterwards). The real Clarisonic is gentler and has softer brush bristles (to me), and I think it cleans better in general. It also does a great job of taking my makeup off--my makeup always stains the brush AFTER I've already used a makeup remover! So, I definitely think you need to get the real thing--it's totally worth it. Plus, you'll be paying the same for replacement brushes no matter what knock-off you get (they're all around $20 for the most part) so you might as well get the good one.

    1. Thank you so much! I think I'll have to ask for a Clarisonic for my birthday next month. I don't think I've ever heard a bad thing about it!

  2. I own two of the maybelline color tattoos and they are amazing!
    I use them daily and there are so many looks you can do with them they are just great.

  3. The clarisonic mia 2 is amazing and I love the colour tattoo in on and on bronze!!

    Please check out and follow my blog! I'd really appreciate it! <3

  4. Gorgeous blog. Would you like to follow eachother on bloglovin?

    <3 Sarah
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  5. I just read this post :) Get the mia or mia2. I got the mia2. The bigger/more (clarisonic plus I think) expensive one has a body brush, so you can use a different head on your body if you want. Not necessary to me. I think it also has like a cradle charger vs the mias have a cellphone like charger. The difference (as far as I know) with the mia vs mia2 is mia2 has 2 speeds. I don't use the low speed, only the higher one. not sure if it's worth getting the 2 or not really. Beyond that it's like a difference of what they come with (as far as product)--not worth spending more to get a little 3 oz sample of something in my opinion!

  6. Thanks buddy :) I think I'm going to ask for one of the Mias for my birthday!


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