Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beauty Tip Tuesday: DIY Dry Shampoo Solutions

DIY Dry Shampoo
Have you ever had a day where you're:
A. running around the house like a mad person because you're late for wherever you need to be or
B.  wanting to lay in bed for those extra 5-10 minutes because CLEARLY that will make a difference in the grand scheme of your day? 

I totally know how you feel.  Most days I lay in bed thinking "do I really need to wash my hair today?"  I don't know about you, but it cuts down on a solid 15 minutes of getting ready time if I don't have to wash my hair.  If I can lay in bed for an extra 15 minutes, it's a win in my book. 

Something I have come to love is dry shampoo.  Now I know there are a lot of options at your local Target/Walmart/Drugstore.  However, I absolutely hate the smell of most of them.  It is so chemical like and I don't even like being in the room after I spray it.  So, I did some searching and found that there are other ways to get the results of store bought shampoo with things that you probably have in your house already.

Enter cornstarch.  I know this sounds weird (especially if you haven't tried any of the DIY "natural" stuff that is on the web these days) but trust me, it's not really that crazy.  I've found that it's easiest to apply this to your roots with a big kabuki brush (or something similar).  You just dab it with the cornstarch like you would with powder and dab it onto your roots.  Since I have light blonde hair, I only use cornstarch.  But, if you have a darker shade, you can add cocoa powder until you reach your desired color.  Just find a jar (or an old body scrub tub would give easy access for your brush) and mix the two ingredients together. 

I've also read that people will add in a couple drops of an essential oil to make it smell good...I haven't tried this and honestly, I'm not sure how the powders and the oil would mix...just seems like a mess to me but to each their own. 

Another thing I have tried that I think works well is Mario Badescu's Special Healing Powder.  This is originally for oily skin (or blemishes) but hey, why not oily hair?? 

I know this probably isn't for everyone and some of you may be thinking there's no way in hell you're putting cornstarch or cocoa powder on your hair.  But for those who don't like the smell of the store bought dry shampoos or are just looking for a quick solution because they have ran out of their dry shampoo and have an oily hair situation going on -- try it! 

What oily hair solutions do you use?  Any other ideas out there?


  1. Funny post - I wouldn't have thought cocoa powder would help with oily hair!Lol I am willing to try it without the rest as I am a brunette and for sure not with oil 'cause your using a product to dry out the oil not add more to it!

    A trick I used for years is baby powder, it smells nice and dries out oily roots but you have to brush it off the hair well to remove the whiteness.

  2. I had no idea you can use cornstarch, I'll be trying this today. Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. Yeah it's really nice! You may need to shake out your hair a bit after you apply it but then you should be good to go. Another good one is baby powder as Maya points out below.


Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it :)