Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's a White Jacket Weekend

Hey everyone, how's your weekend going?  I spent some time with my mom out at the Mall of America this morning.  You can always tell when there's a break in school because the mall is crazy.  This spring break season is no different.  By the time I left at about 12:30 the parking ramp was bumper to bumper.  Thank God for Minnesota nice otherwise I would still be stuck in there trying to get out!  While at the mall, I stopped by the new MASSIVE Forever 21 that opened a few months ago.  It's a two level monster store that includes menswomens, kids, accessories and I'm pretty sure they have maternity as well.  It's more like a huge department store.  Walking in, I didn't even know where to start!  Once I got my bearings, I was able to find a few steals (as if Forever 21 has anything besides steals).  I snagged a coral blazer, mint striped maxi (to satisfy my current mint obsession) and a tee with an adorable beaded collar.  I'm particularly excited to wear the maxi because of the high comfort factor! 

I'm rocking the white blazer again today, this time with a colorful scarf and long grey tank.  It's an easy way to look stylish without too much effort which, in my opinion, is perfect for the daytime on the weekend!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Scarf:  TJ Maxx
Blazer:  New York & Company
Tank:  New York & Company
Jeans:  True Religion


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