Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
I'm doing a bonus post today because ... to be honest I'm wanting to kill time until 4:30 when my weekend officially begins!  It's my husband's birthday on Sunday so, since we won't be able to properly celebrate on the day (beer and Easter just don't mix well) we will be getting together with some friends tomorrow night.  Sunday, we have the dreaded balance of zipping between both of our families.  This year we are doing church and brunch with his fam, and going to my parents' house afterwards.  I think the hardest thing of being married for me has been the splitting of holidays.  I'm such a family person and I irrationally wish that we could just spend all of the holidays with my family.  Any one else feel that way?  Ah well, it's a small price to pay I suppose :) 
As far as attire goes, I think I'm going to do some version of the above.  I got the dress at Forever 21 (15 bucks I might add) when I was at the mall with my mom.  I like the idea of a maxi this Easter because the predicted high is only 39 degrees and I just don't want to be freezing all day! 
What are your Easter (or non-Easter) plans?

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  1. ouuuu love this outfit!
    that blue colour is perfect!
    and the white blazer is to die for!

  2. I love the dress! It's effortlessly gorgeous :)
    I'm actually going to be flying back to university on Easter Sunday! Boo :(
    Happy Easter lovely! :D xxx

  3. gorgeous dress!
    i hope you have a great easter and your husband has a happy birthday

    1. Thank you so much! He had a wonderful birthday. Hope you had a happy Easter as well!

  4. Best post yet!!


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